About Us

FOURKAY is the hardware sales brand of Vertical State Ltd.  We have supplied innovative AV solutions and hardware to the hospitality sector and to professional AV installers for years. 

Our initial entry into supplying the pub and bar market came after developing the Half Minute Media system for detecting and replacing advertising on live TV channels in 2002.  The advertising system required the development and installation of bespoke AV switching hardware and control software.   Those installations have been upgraded and improved in line with the progression in TV broadcasting and distribution technology through HD, 3D and 4K.  Further projects to implement systems that detect and cover or replace on screen logos in live HD sports broadcasts added to our knowledge of the market.  We have installed and maintained complex TV distribution systems in pubs and bars, football centres, fitness studios, bookmaker shops, restaurants and hotels.  Our AV installer customers take care of the full spectrum of commercial and residential clients.

Over the years we have sold equipment directly to our hospitality clients and a small but expanding group of AV installers who have come to know us through word of mouth.  We think that this is the best form of marketing and a positive endorsement on our commitment to fair dealing and quality equipment.  We aim to continue on that positive note through FOURKAY.