HD Video over IP Decoder with KVM

Use one or more of these Video Over IP decoders to receive from one or multiple EX4K-VIP-RT encoders on an IP network [EX4K-VIP-RX]




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This AV over IP product distributes HD content to multiple HD display devices over a 100M/1G Network Switch. It offers configurable high quality, low-bandwidth H.265/H.264 configurable compression video and supports resolution up to 1920x1200@60Hz 4:4:4.   Signal transmission distance can be extended up to 328ft/100m via CAT5E/6/6A/7 cable.  The transmission distance can be increased by adding network switches at sub 100m intervals.

Single or multiple encoders [EX4K-VIP-TX] can be used with single or multiple decoders [EX4K-VIP-RX] on the same network to create a video wall or matrix switch effect.  The AV inputs from different encoders can be routed to the selected decoders by using front panel buttons, web GUI or the controller box [EX4K-VIP-CX].  The control unit allows remote network management, display routing and video preview.

Encoder supports HDMI local loop output. The product supports analog audio embedding and extracting. It also supports USB/KVM function and bidirectional IR/RS-232 control (pass-through & Guest mode).

The manual is available HERE


  • HDMI 1.3 and HDCP 1.4 compliant
  • Video resolution up to 1920x1200@60Hz 4:4:4
  • Supports 4.95Gbps video bandwidth 
  • Signal transmission distance can be extended up to 328ft / 100m via CAT5e/6/6A/7 cable.  Additional network switches can extend range further.
  • Supports signal distribution, multicast mode, distributed matrix and video wall (up to 9 x 9) functions over a 1G Network Switch
  • Intelligent video wall management makes it achievable of novel layout of wall configurations 
  • Supports LPCM 2.0CH (32/44.1/48KHz) audio format
  • Encoder supports HDMI local loop output 
  • Supports audio embedding and extracting
  • Supports USB/KVM function (one to one & one to many), and bidirectional IR/RS-232 control (pass-through & Guest mode)
  • Supports main stream and sub stream encoding modes
  • Stream parameters can be configured via Web GUI or Controller Box
  • Controlled via panel buttons, IR, RS-232, TCP/IP, Web GUI and Controller Box 
  • Supports POE function (802.3af Class 3, PD mode)

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